The Mobile Internet Ecosystem Project fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent creation to increase competitiveness and boost skills. Learn more »

MIEP is implemented through a series of activities that include co-creation workshops, open innovation competitions, 21st-century skills development programs for kids, and more. Check out the videos below to see MIEP in action.

Days 2 and 3 of the "Strengthening Lebanon's Mobile Internet Ecosystem" program, convened in October 2014 by the World Bank, brought together various stakeholders in the mobile internet ecosystem to co-create and define a mobile innovation hub to support entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

In February 2015, Beirut's technology and startup ecosystem convened at Alt City and other local partners to catalyze a conversation around open source tools and techniques to promote startups and entrepreneurship. Following this Open Innovation Week, several startups participated in a months-long pre-acceleration program provided by Bader Accelerator.

In May 2015, the World Bank - together with Lebanon's Ministries of Telecommunications, Economy and Trade, and Education - partnered with local educators and global tech companies for a series of events that exposed teachers, government, and students in Beirut to 21st-century tools and skills.